Custody, Technology and Advisor Support


All assets, including alternative investments, on one custodial platform


Save thousands of dollars a year on technology expenses


Streamline your practice and create efficiencies


Compete with billion dollar advisors at a fraction of the cost

Wherever your company is in the business cycle – starting up, acquiring another practice, changing your business model, expanding or preparing to sell or retire – we have custom solutions for you.

Get More From Your Custodian

Manage All Client Assets, Including Alternative Investments, On ONE Custodial Platform

Does Your Technology Limit How You Do Business?

Trade at the individual, global, or model level and even allocate multiple models in one account. Integrate client data with over 30 industry leading products. Generate reports across all of your client accounts or create them on an ad hoc basis. Customize a pre-built client portal with your logo and colors.

Need More Time For Your Clients?

We are here for you
At Equity Advisor Solutions, we don’t have a call center mentality. No matter the size of your business, you’ll work with a dedicated Relationship Manager who knows you and your business. We’re dedicated to increasing and enhancing your efficiencies by ensuring every question and requirement is taken care of in a timely manner.
Be there for your customers
We take care of the heavy lifting to allow you to focus on increasing wallet share from existing clients or on attracting new ones. Let us help you design, run and post client reports utilizing our integrated portfolio performance solution.