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CalSurance® is a proven leader in the business of providing Errors and Omissions and other insurance liability products to firms and individuals in the financial sales sector, including Registered Investment Advisors and Broker-Dealers. With over fifty years of experience, CalSurance® specializes in insurance placement, consultation and servicing for the financial sales sector. CalSurance® consistently delivers cost-effective, customized E&O solutions for Investment Advisors.

Investment Advisors are under growing compliance and regulatory scrutiny and continue to be held to an ever-increasing level of professional duty. Individuals and firms are increasingly at risk of being sued for the services they perform. Even when lawsuits and claims appear to have little or no merit, the cost of defending those allegations could severely impact the financial condition of an advisory business.

CalSurance® RIA Errors & Omissions Insurance protects advisors against losses due to an actual or alleged negligent act, error or omission committed in the scope of their duties as Registered Investment Advisors. CalSurance® RIA E&O Insurance is affordable and comprehensive, with premiums as low as $1250/yr. Click here to learn more or get a free, no obligation quote.

CalSurance® also has extensive experience delivering comprehensive Broker-Dealer E&O Insurance. To learn more, please contact (800) 745-7189. 

CalSurance® is not an affiliate, agent or representative of Equity Trust Company or any of its affiliates.