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We’re Here For You

Regardless of the size of your firm, you’ll work with a dedicated Relationship Manager who knows you and your business. We’re committed to increasing and enhancing your efficiencies by ensuring questions and requirements are taken care of in a timely manner. Our transition team will help you navigate the process of switching platforms. Working together, we will develop a transition plan, generate signature ready forms for your clients, and create a customized client portal for your firm.

“Access to a custodian with such a robust and integrated portfolio performance reporting solution played a key role in my decision to move to EAS. The system is something I could not get at other custodians and it helped me really cut down on my overhead.”

-Jan, SC

Feedback from our 2019 Advisor Satisfaction Survey:

“Customer Service is amazing!”

“Great overall solution & management is very helpful when needed”

“I feel like this is a very user friendly company and always receive the support I need”

“Not having all assets on one platform was stunting our growth.  Since making the move we have seen a significant increase in client referrals. Clients are truly enjoying the simplified view of all of their assets on one platform.”

-Lloyd, TX

“We love the single point of contact at EAS. Talking with multiple people at our other custodians makes it more difficult to get things done.”

-Diana, TX

“I’m not a large advisor but the team at EAS makes me feel like one.”

-Mike, IL

Transition Support

We know that switching custodians can be tough. Let us help you navigate the process.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Work with someone who knows your business.

Automated Advisor Billing

We’ll help set up fee schedules for your clients. Fees will be automatically generated each month or quarter.

Be There For Your Clients

We take care of the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on increasing wallet share and attracting new clients. Let us help you design a service model that works for you.
Our Relationship Managers provide hands on training to get you acclimated with our Trade Order Management System. You’ll be able to view client positions, check performance, and send trades directly from the same system. Trading can be done at the individual, global, or model level. A model in one or hundreds of accounts can be rebalanced with a few clicks. Trades can also be settled T+1, making it easier to rebalance a model portfolio with both ETF’s and open ended mutual funds.
No need to stress when it comes time to handle your management fee billing. With our automated process, you only need to set it up once. Our dedicated Relationship Managers will help you with setting up client fee schedules, assigning them to client accounts, walking through pre-billing audits, the fee approval process, and the final account debiting step. You can also create invoices, and make them available to your customers.
We can pull in a variety of data to give you a clear picture of your clients’ accounts, even if they are held away. This allows you to see all of your clients’ accounts, transactions, and performance in one convenient portal view including historical information.
From Quarterly Statements to performance reporting, we’ve got you covered. Our platform allows you to maintain client information, transactions, and account history. We assist you in customizing your performance reporting to help you conduct reviews with your clients. You can use an interactive dashboard during your client meetings to visually answer their questions. We also produce annual tax reporting that is delivered directly to clients, including 1099 DIV/INT/B, 1099R, and 5498 reports.
Reporting that supports regulatory audit requests and requirements. For any designated timeframe, our reports can reflect the movement of cash in and out of a client’s account, transactions that took place on an account, the trade and settlement details, and address changes to a client’s account.
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