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Advicent Solutions is the leading provider of SaaS technology solutions for the financial services industry. Everything comes back to our core mission—enabling everyone to understand and impact their financial future.

The Advicent™ product offering includes the NaviPlan®, Figlo™ and Profiles™ financial planning applications, the Advisor Briefcase® marketing communications tool and the Narrator™ application builder.

Figlo™ interactive planning tool allows advisors to provide the unique, client centric financial planning experience today’s clients demand. With Figlo™, advisors can create everything from a high-level overview to step-by-step recommendations and plans that clients can later access from the comfort of their own homes.

The NaviPlan® financial planning tool is a leader for detailed tax planning, advanced calculations and high net worth clients. Its detailed cash-flow and goals-based planning options, next-gen client reports and online lead-generation calculator help financial professionals plan for success with every client.

The Profiles™ financial planning application helps financial professionals prove their value and sell more from day one. Automatically generate qualified leads with a custom online application, open doors with interactive presentations and strengthen your reputation with firm-branded resources.

The Advisor Briefcase® marketing communications tool puts professionally written and designed materials in the hands of financial professionals to engage, acquire and retain clients through email marketing communications. Use Advisor Briefcase to stay front and center of a premium client experience.

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