Your Custodian of Today


Pontera (formerly FeeX) is a platform that enables advisors to provide discretionary advice (including trading and billing) on assets in held away accounts without triggering custody. The easy-to-use platform feeds directly into Orion for billing and reporting. With Pontera, advisors can:

  • Improve client outcomes: studies show that professionally managed 401(k) accounts outperform self-directed by 3% or more per year, net of fees.
  • Grow AUM: on average, advisors see an AUM growth opportunity of 33% from existing clients by managing their held away accounts.
  • Comply with regulation: by using Pontera, advisors will not trigger custody of client assets. Additionally, by billing on held away AUM, advisors will no longer have a conflict of interest under the DOL when providing rollover recommendations.

Pontera is trusted by many of the world’s leading RIAs, advisory firms and Broker Dealers. For more information, please contact [email protected]. You can also visit Pontera’s website here for more information on the platform.

* Pontera supports 401(k), 403(b), Variable Annuity, HSA, 529, TSP, 457, and other self-directed accounts

Pontera is not an affiliate, agent or representative of Equity Trust Company or any of its affiliates.